International Air Show - Colombia
July 11TH to 14TH, 2019
Rionegro - Antioquia

Colombia is ready for the XI edition of F-AIR Colombia 2019

  • The United States will be the guest of honor this year at the International Aeronautic Fair, one of the most important suppliers of aerospace hardware and military and civil aircraft in the industry.
  • More than 100 aircraft on the ground, the air shows by Thunderbirds and the Colombian Air Force and about 200 exhibitors from different countries, will be part of this new edition of F-AIR Colombia.
  • The 100th anniversary of the Colombian Air Force will be celebrated within the fair with a display of aircraft and a show of capabilities.


Every two years, José María Córdova Airport, located in Rionegro, Antioquia, becomes the location for the International Aeronautic Fair, F-AIR, the main scenario in Colombia - and the second in Latin America – for the meeting of entrepreneurs from the civil and military sector, aircraft manufacturers, producers of avionics systems, service generators, industry experts, aviation fans and the general public.

The IX edition of F-AIR was launched with an unprecedented event, a very attractive showcase of what will be seen at the fair. Among the assistance there was the National Government, aeronautical authorities and representatives of the aerospace industry, among others.

"As hosts of one of the most important aeronautical fairs in Latin America, it is very important to have a strategic ally with a history in the industry as guest country; The United States is a leading nation worldwide in the advancement of science and technology that will bring to our country knowledge, development and experience. F-AIR is an excellent opportunity to generate new commercial and business links in the national and international scope and a space for entertainment and industry knowledge for all attendees at the fair", said Colonel Arnaud Penent d'Izarn, Director of F-AIR Colombia 2019.

F-AIR COLOMBIA 2019 will have more than 100 aircraft on display in platform, about 200 exhibitors from Germany, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Korea, Colombia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, United States, France, Guatemala, Honduras and 12 official delegations from Mexico, Israel, Holland, Panama, Peru, Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom, the Dominican Republic, Salvador, Uruguay and Venezuela, and the latest advances and developments in air navigation, investment and advances in aeronautical infrastructure and aerospace is developing in the country.

"As every two years, F-AIR Colombia will have the best of the industry's value chain gathered in one place. Aircraft maintenance companies, training platforms and aeronautical virtual courses, operations engineering, satellite communication systems and cutting-edge technology guarantee that the air operation in the country is carried out under optimal security conditions. Likewise, we will have on display more than 100 civil and military aircrafts to our largest public composed by the professional visitor and the general public that has a meeting point at the fair", said the Director of F-AIR Colombia 2019.

In this occasion the Colombian Air Force celebrates 100 years of service to the country and the best way to celebrate it is within of F-AIR Colombia 2019, showing its distinguished work defending the sovereignty of our territory from the heights, with a display of aircraft on the ground and a show of capabilities.

The fair, organized by The Civil Aviation Authority of Colombia (Aeronáutica Civil), the Colombian Air Force and operated by Corferias, will feature the exhibition of specialized magazines from the United States and Colombia, as well with an academic agenda and representatives of the air sector.

This is a commemorative fair in Colombian aerospace industry that wants to position Antioquia as a motor and showcase of the industry in the country. This will be the IX edition of F- Air Colombia 2019, the most important civil and military aeronautical meeting in Colombia that will arrive at the José María Córdova Airport from July 11 to 14 in Rionegro, Antioquia.


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