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What you need to know to get the best out of the fair

How to participate in the fair

1. Choose your LOCATION: The exhibitor can choose a strategic location for his company at the Fair, according to his marketing strategy.

2.Choose the type of PARTICIPATION The exhibitor can choose between different types of stand for their participation in the Fair:
Space Only: Acquire only the area and decorate the stand according to your own image
Shell Scheme: We present various design options for your stand according to your needs (For more information see the Fair·s website)

3. Complete the DOCUMENTATION: Once you have chosen your location and type of stand, we will require the following scanned documents to reserve the space for your company and generate the participation contract and invoice: Ç
Stand Reservation duly completed and signed by the legal representative
Copy of the Chamber of Commerce no older than 30 days or document that enables them as a public entity.
Copy of the ID of the Legal Representative
Copy of the updated RUT

4. Make the PAYMENT The payment corresponding to the participation must be made through an electronic transfer to the indicated account.

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