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Colombian air force makes presence in F-AIR CONNECTION 2021

  • FACSAT is a science and technology transfer program that began in 2012. began in 2012; the first Colombian satellite, FACSAT-1, was put into orbit on November 28, 2018, commemorating the first century of in orbit on November 28, 2018, commemorating the first century of the Institution's existence and progress of the Institution; currently, the FACSAT2 is being developed and is expected to be launched into orbit in 2022, developed by Colombian engineers with the support of Colombian engineers with the support of technological allies.

The project presented by the Colombian Air Force at the F-AIR Colombian Air Force in F-AIR CONNECTION 2021 has brought great experiences for Colombia that have motivated, among others, the appropriation of international standards for the international standards for integration that will allow real progress in aerospace matters. aerospace. For this reason, the fact that Colombia has its own satellite, operated and used by Colombians allows us to exercise a sovereign position of our country in space. our country in Space.

This is one of the great attractions of the Aeronautical Fair in its virtual version, which is part of the virtual version and that is part of the sample that the Colombian Air Force has brought on this occasion. brought on this occasion. In addition to this, it shares with the participants the work with which it contributes to the the work with which it contributes to the construction of the future of our country by combating traditional and non-traditional traditional and non-traditional threats, providing humanitarian aid and timely support to the and timely support to the population when emergencies and natural disasters occur.

Some of those threats use new domains, such as space and space and cyberspace, to destabilize economic, political and social environments, threats that it combats by also giving way to research and innovation in science and technology. science and technology.

The FAC, an Air Force reference and leader in the hemisphere.

For years the Colombian Air Force has trained and participated in international air exercises with the United States and the United States. exercises with the United States, Canada, Latin American partners and European Air Forces. European Air Forces. Since 2019, it has been leading successful joint operations operations to combat drug trafficking in the Caribbean corridor, and also provides training to Central American Central American allies in the Helicopter School of the Public Force that it leads. Public Force Helicopter School, which he leads.

The F-AIR CONNECTION will enable the sharing of advances in aerospace medicine, communications, remotely piloted aircraft manufacturing, satellite technology, multi-role command and satellite technology, multi-domain command and control, among other fields that are determinant for the success of increasingly ambitious goals of the FAC.

With the achievement of these objectives, the Air Force will be able to generate renewed energies renewed energy to initiatives that will benefit the air and space sector as a whole.


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