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The meeting of women in aviation, a commitment to the present and future of the sector, within the framework of F-AIR 20

  • II Meeting of Women in Aviation, a commitment to the present and future of the sector, within the framework of F-AIR Colombia Connection 2021

Bogotá, 5 November 2021. The Colombian Civil Aeronautics, through the Center for Aeronautical Studies, CEA, has led since 2019 the Meeting of Women in Aviation, an event that aims, in this its second version, to give know the progress, efforts, plans, programs and initiatives that have been advanced in Colombia and the aeronautical sector, to promote gender equity and the empowerment of women in the strategic development of the sector. This meeting will have the development of "five moments" in which, apart from addressing from the different perspectives of the State, the academy, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the air sector, the commitments generated in the first Meeting will be reviewed and new guidelines will be sought to give continuity and strengthen the good practices that have been developed to empower women within an egalitarian environment.

With the moment called "Advances in gender equity in Colombia with projection in aviation" the academic agenda of the last day will begin FAIR Colombia Connection 2021. The installation of the event will be preceded by Olga Lucía Ramírez Duarte, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of the Ministry of Transport and the Deputy Director of Civil Aeronautics and Director of F-Air Colombia 2021, Colonel Rolando Aros.

The first conference will start at 9:00 a.m. with a presentation by Gheidy GalloSantos, Presidential Advisor for Gender Equality, Marina Ederlina Segura Sáenz, Director of Human Talent for Civil Aeronautics, and María Eugenia Rey Rengifo, President of Grupo Evolution. Later, around 10:00 a.m., there will be a moment entitled "Gender equality: the challenges of Latin America in advancing the ICAO 50/50 goal" led by Juan Carlos Salazar Gómez, Secretary General of ICAO, Óscar Quesada Carboni, Deputy Director for the ICAO South American Regional Office and the panelists, Jaime Binder, Secretary of the Latin American Civil Aviation Commission (CLAC) and Nibia Lucía Morales Galindo, Aeronautical Specialist.

Around 11:10 a.m., highlighting the importance of women in the world of aviation and with leaders of the sector, the discussion "Panorama of the present and future of women in aviation" will open, with the presentation of Adriana Ramírez Suárez, director of the Center for Aeronautical Studies, who will be accompanied by the following group of panelists: Liliana Tovar Silva, vice president of Aviation and Marine Affairs of Terpel; Sereya Schotborgh, Regional Safety Implementation Specialist, ICAO NACC Regional Office); Alicia Lines of IATA, Regional director, distribution and payment of the Americas; María Francisca Patilla Carmona, coordinator of the AESA Centers of Excellence and Member of Balance 4 AESA; María Ibáñez Masip, risk analyst for Airports and Air Navigation at AESA and member of Balance 4 AESA; and María Cristina Pabón Contreras, head of Interinstitutional Relations of the CEA.

Closing of the academic day

After the interesting presentations on Women's Leadership in the Air Sector, in the afternoon, "From Thought to Action" will be discussed. The opening of the closing discussion will be carried out by Jean Claude Bessudo, president of the AVIATUR Group; Juan Carlos Egas, Regional Head of People, Performance and Development for the Americas Region of IATA (International Air Transport Association); Juliana Gene Castro, Senior Head of New Businesses and Traders at Terpel; Santiago Álvarez, President of LATAM; and Laura Londoño from the Initiative for Gender Parity in Colombia.

For the closing of the F-AIR Colombia Connection 2021, around 3:00 p.m. It will conclude with the discussion "A look at the actions that empower", whose speakers and panelists will be: María Eugenia Yábar Chair of the Latin American Forum in IAWA; Olga Custodio, former United States Air Force officer; Maria Francisca Patilla Cardona, Coordinator of the AESA Centers of Excellence and 4AESA Balance Member; Maria Ibañez Macip, Airport Risk Analyst in Air Navigation at AESA and Member of Balance4AESA and Diana Stella Pérez Velasco, Head of Quality and Academic Self-Assessment at the Center for Aeronautical Studies.

Con el desarrollo de las temáticas planteadas y bajo el liderazgo de expertas conferencistas y líderes del sector aeronáutico nacional e internacional, se espera despertar el interés de los Estados, para que desde las organizaciones regionalese internacionales de aviación y de la industria aeronáutica se visibilice un liderazgo firme y decidido de la mujer en todos los campos.F-AIR Colombia Connection 2021 mantiene su compromiso de promover los derechos de la mujer, y a tomar las medidas necesarias para reforzar la igualdad de género apoyando las políticas, así como el establecimiento y mejora de programas y proyectos para impulsar sus carreras en los diferentes campos de la aviación mundial.

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