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FAIR COLOMBIA CONNECTION 2021 ends and countdown to 2023 begins

  • The leading fair in the Colombian civil aeronautics sector concluded its tenth version with the linking of more than 40 companies to the commercial exhibition, of which 18 are part of ACOPAER (Colombian Association of Aerospace Producers).
  • During its four days of development and with an important and innovative Academic Agenda, the Fair once again demonstrated the interest of the sector in this type of events, with the participation of more than 2,500 people.

Through commercial exchange spaces organized by the Civil Aeronautics and the Air Force, FAIR Colombia Connection 2021 culminates, a fair that fulfilled the objective of serving as a reactivation engine in the industry.

The companies that participated for the first time in this Fair, which was held virtually, will have visibility for a consecutive year on the F-AIR Colombia Connection 2021 website, so that those who could not attend the event can consult the most relevant aspects of the meeting and can relive the key moments developed during this edition.

Top-level national and international agenda

With a virtual format, this The Fair had an international agenda with current topics from the civil and defense sectors, where the most relevant aspects of the aerospace industry were presented as a driving force to promote the reactivation of the national and international aviation industry.

The Conferences presented within the framework of F-AIR Colombia Connection 2021 were led by experts from Aerocivil and the Colombian Air Force (FAC), which showed the interest of the sector in this type of event, opening the door to this Fair of face-to-face in 2023.

The most relevant presentations in the development of the virtual event were the following:

  • “Global Vision Aeronautical Strategic Plan 2030” developed during the opening of F-AIR Colombia Connection 2021, led by the Director of Civil Aeronautics Jair Orlando Fajardo Fajardo.
  • “ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) vision for the reactivation of the aeronautical sector and its support to the region ” whose speaker was Juan Carlos Salazar Gómez, Secretary General of ICAO.
  • “Air and Space Power Seminar” led by the Colombian Air Force, which aimed to present space projection and technological developments in the aeronautical field national.

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