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International Air Show - Colombia


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Who we are

The Civil Aviation Authority of Colombia with the support of the Colombian Air Forces carries out the fair event in order to promote development and the national, civil and defense aeronautical industry in the international arena.  It generates spaces between suppliers and representatives of civil aviation, defense and public and private companies in the sector. It should be noted that importance should be given to the geographical location of the country.

Colombia, as an important reference in the aeronautical sector in the region, positions F-AIR COLOMBIA as an excellent opportunity to generate new commercial and business links, present advances, and updates in the civil and defense areas. 

The following sectors are participating in F-AIR COLOMBIA:

Companies specialized in:

Aerospace medicine.

Airport and aeronautical infrastructure.

Surveillance and aids to air navigation.

Airport security.


 Catering Services


Companies specialized in the space area:

National and international governmental entities. 

Space agencies and companies

Satellite companies

Technological development and applications

Specialized Academy


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Desde ya nos preparamos para la F-AIR COLOMBIA 2023

Evento que en el que los visitantes encontrarán exhibiciones aéreas, muestra estática y comercial, actividades académicas y espacios de networking de la industria aeronáutica civil y de defensa.

F-AIR COLOMBIA, evento organizado por la Aeronáutica Civil y la Fuerza Aérea Colombiana.



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