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The Special Administrative Unit of Civil Aeronautics and the Colombian Air Force carry out F-AIR COLOMBIA in order to promote the development of the aeronautical and aerospace industry at the national and international level. This event helps to build bridges between suppliers and representatives of civil and defense aviation and public and private companies in the sector.

Colombia, as a benchmark for the aeronautical sector in the region, positions F-AIR COLOMBIA as an excellent opportunity to develop new commercial and business links and to show advances and updates in the industry.

You will find the list of participating sectors below:

  • Civil, commercial, defense and general aviation companies
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of the aeronautical sector
  • Companies specialized in the aeronautical and space sector
  • Aeronautical training centers
  • Provisioning on board
  • General goods and services 
  • Manufacturers and importers of materials and fuels
  • Equipment and spare parts for airplanes
  • Infrastructure in operational and aerospace safety

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