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There is a list of participating sectors below:
  • Civil, commercial, defense and general aviation companies
  • Aviation Industry
  • Civil and commercial aeronautics, aerospace, technology and defense
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of the aeronautical sector
  • Military industry
  • Commercial, civil and general industry
  • Ground support team
  • Supplies and technical services
  • Aeronautical electronic equipment
  • Training centers and aeronautical training
  • Supply on board
  • Utensils, energy, cleaning services, food service equipment and refrigeration systems
  • Companies specialized in the space area
  • National and international government entities
  • Agencies, companies and space academies
  • Active or special satellite companies (Technological development and applications)
  • Satellite building companies
  • General goods and services
  • Air tourism operators, maintenance workshops, uniforms, computer equipment, hotels, ground transportation, conveyor belts, electric loading, electric tractors, dynamic scales, X-ray equipment
  • Manufacturers and importers of materials and fuels
  • Suppliers of fuels and lubricants in flight and ground operations (Gasoline, Oils and Lubricants).
  • Aircraft equipment and spare parts 
  • Infrastructure in operational and aerospace safety.
  • Signaling and lighting systems, satellites, monitoring and tracking systems.

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