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Why Colombia?

These are the reasons why Colombia is the venue for this Fair:
  • Latin America and Colombia have great potential for growth in terms of international air traffic, to which the growth expectation of the aircraft fleet is added. This leads to increased demand for aircraft maintenance and repair services.
  • According to Airbus, between 2018 and 2038, Latin America will need 2,685 new passenger and cargo aircraft in order to meet the growing demand for transportation and it will be necessary to replace the existing fleet (1,375 aircraft).
  • Regarding air traffic, it is estimated that in the next 20 years Latin America will grow 4.3% on average, more than regions such as North America (3%) and Europe (3.3%).
  • The demand for new aircraft in Latin America is focused on small or single-aisle aircraft (89%), which favors the implementation of smaller maintenance operations than those required by large aircraft and where Colombia could be a top player.
  • The market value of related activities in Latin America is expected to reach USD 268 billion. Additionally, the demand for services will require an amount of 47,550 new pilots and 64,160 new technicians.
  • According to Aerocivil, passenger traffic at Colombian airports was 75.5 million in 2019, 9% more than in 2018. On the other hand, between 2016 and 2019, air freight exceeded one million annual tons. The El Dorado Airport in Bogotá mobilized 710 thousand tons in 2019.
  • In Colombia, there are companies with high potential to be suppliers to the international aeronautical industry, certified with the AS 9100 standard. These are manufacturers of sections and pieces for vehicles and aeronautical service companies.
  • The country also has 54 aeronautical training centers offering courses for private and commercial pilots, helicopter pilots, in-flight services, aircraft technicians, engine repair, and electrical and electronic systems.
  • Colombia is using new technologies such as drones, augmented reality and 3D printing. Avianca has begun to use drones to perform fuselage inspections, which has allowed it to reduce operation time.

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